About Us

Oronoque Organics is a family owned farm in Stratford, CT.  We are currently producing Shitaki and Oyster mushrooms and we expect to expand to herbs, vegetables, and other strains of mushrooms. The Shitaki and Oyster mushrooms are grown on specially inoculated hardwood logs.  We anticipate receiving USDA organic status based on our use of natural products and hardwood logs from our family farm; a commitment to growing entirely pesticide free products.
A passion for high quality, naturally grown produce sparked the idea for Oronoque Organics.  As media attention has focused on the rapidly declining health of our population, it has become evident that a health conscious public increasingly needs, plus demand more locally grown organic produce.  The current supply of locally grown, organic food does not meet the demand in the Connecticut and New York metropolitan markets.


How to Order

Oronoque Organics specializes in producing high quality, freshly grown Shitaki and Oyster mushrooms for distribution to local markets. We cater to health conscious individuals, health food markets, and vegetarian and high end restraunts. Our goal is to locally distribute these mushrooms within Connecticut and New York metropolitan areas.
Oronoque Organics goal is to make its name synonymous with excelent service and healthy, fresh locally grown produce. Submit the form on the right and we will contact you with information on how to order mushrooms in bulk, or logs to grow your own.